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Our competitive edge
Detailed and efficient, our pre-press department has all of the quality controls in place. Every step is carefully calculated and procedures are followed closely.  From file preparation to preflight, trapping to proofing – our thoroughly trained staff operate on the latest software and equipment to ensure accuracy at every stage.

From file to proof to plate to fountain keys, we follow a thoroughly detailed pre-flight process, using both manual and RIP software for precise and smooth output.  We check your files for common design issues such as bleeds, missing fonts, incorrect page size, etc. and our RIP will also pre-flight a file on the fly.  It checks for rules (stroke below minimum), RGB images, low resolution images, etc.  Our RIP handles trapping accurately and we create our own ICC profile for colour management.

Working with the Rip Once, Output Many (ROOM) concept guarantees that what you see on the proof is what you will see on the press, whether digital dylux, high resolution HP proof or PDF.

Constantly sourcing out new and current technologies allows us to provide our customers with better quality, speed and service.

Prinect Hybrid Screening – AM & FM
Combining the benefits of screening technology methods, Prinect Hybrid Screening enable higher screen resolutions and finer reproduction of detail in print, creating an overall superior print image quality.  In contrast to other hybrid methods, this technology uses sophisticated dot distribution to enhance detail, eliminate moiré and deliver smooth results for difficult skin tones.
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